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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the gratitude sticks made of?

Our sticks are made of polyurethane. It is non-toxic, durable (virtually unbreakable) and safe for children. ☺

Where are the books and gratitude sticks made?

They are both created and made in Canada!

Can I order a custom colour?

Yes, it will just be more expensive and take longer to get the order out because we will have to order the special colour and have it hand made. Email us directly at info@lucylooandroo.com so we can discuss your project!

How big is the gratitude stick?

The bent stick length is 7.28 inches by 2.17inch width. (18.5 cm X 5.5 cm) The straight stick is 7.87 inches by 1.58 inches (7.87 cm X 4 cm). (This is measuring the bottoms of the stick. The bent one does get thinner at the top).

What is a gratitude stick?

A Gratitude Stick is like the idea of the Native Talking Stick, which is one of several methods we use to help promote the value of gratitude; and using a Gratitude Stick with children can be especially effective in delivering this kind of message! For example, have your child hold the Gratitude Stick and then say two things they are grateful for and something they like about themselves. This daily ritual becomes a fun and interactive way to bring the practice of Gratitude into your child’s life, let alone your own.

When we were children, my mom found an arbutus branch, on to which she carved the word “Gratitude”. We then passed this stick around our dinner table and said two things we were grateful for and one thing we liked about ourselves. It gave us something to hold on to and brought us into the present moment. The Gratitude Stick is a fun way to introduce children into a gratitude practice at an early age when a gratitude journal may be out of reach. It’s not only comforting to have something to hold, our sticks glow in the dark, which adds a little magic to the fun as well.

Through the Adventures of Lucy-loo and Roo, your child will be exposed to the magic and power of gratitude; and then through the tangible use of the Gratitude Stick, they will have an engaging way to share information about their day, build self-esteem and create fun family traditions that will build everlasting memories. You’ll see!

How do you use the gratitude stick?

You can use the gratitude stick at the dinner table and have everyone say two things they are grateful for and one thing they like about themselves. We have found that it is a nice way to connect to other members of your family and find out what happened throughout their day and what they are grateful for. Or you can use the gratitude stick right before bedtime with your children and have them say two things they are grateful for and something they like about themselves to end the day on a positive and loving note.

What is the purpose of the gratitude stick?

The purpose is to introduced children to a gratitude practice at a young age. Gratitude journals are great for teenagers but are far-fetched for little ones. There isn’t that much out there for young children. If they begin a gratitude practice at a young age it will benefit their lives in so many ways. The benefits of gratitude are endless and can change the way your child views the world and challenging situations. It teaches them to be grateful for the lessons that life has given to them and allows them to be optimistic about their future and what is to come. Research shows that understanding the emotional aspects of gratitude makes them more resilient and happier!

What ages is the gratitude stick appropriate for?

Our gratitude sticks are appropriate for all individuals approximately 3 years old and up!

What are the benefits of using the gratitude stick?

The benefits of gratitude are huge. There have been several scientific studies that show how much gratitude can improve our lives. It makes us happier, increases psychological well-being, enhances our positive emotions, increases our self-esteem, keeps suicidal thoughts and attempts at bay, wider social network (people gravitate to grateful people), improves romantic relationships, improves friendships, increases social support, strengthens family relationships in times of stress, makes us more optimistic, increases our spiritualism, makes us more giving, reduces materialism, enhances optimism, makes us more effective managers and leaders in the work place, reduces impatience and improves decision making, helps us find meaning in our work, improves work-related mental health and reduces stress, reduces depressive symptoms, reduces blood pressure, improves your sleep, increases your frequency of exercise, improves your overall physical health, makes us less anxious and helps people recover from substance misuses. - positivepsychology.com Courtney E. Ackerman, MA

Do you offer gift cards?

Not at this time.

Can I have my order gift-wrapped?

Yes, but we will have to add a cost for this. Just email us at info@lucylooandroo.com so we can sort this out!

What payment methods do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Interac, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Paypal

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