About Us

Hello! I’m Kyra. My mom and I are so excited to bring you our first children’s book called “The Adventures of Lucy-Loo & Roo and the Magic of The Gratitude Stick

Say Hi to Kyra, Stacey, Roo and Jack

If I asked you to name three things that you’re grateful for today or three things you love about yourself, you’d probably have a hard time answering - especially what you love about yourself.

Unfortunately, this is most peoples’ reality these days because we’re programmed from a young age to “be good” and to “do better.” This constant aspiration for self-improvement has seldom been balanced with finding the good in ourselves or being thankful for our day. In essence, what we often neglect is gratitude—an essential part of learning self-forgiveness, thankfulness and, ultimately, becoming a happier person.

Why Gratitude?

Gratitude has blown up recently—both in the scientific community and in pop culture—for the long list of physical and psychological health benefits that it brings, including better sleep, a more resilient mindset and even a stronger immune system.

If gratitude is so good for us, then how can we, as parents, teach this valuable practice to our kids? I mean, let’s be honest, gratitude journaling is unlikely to be taken up by a child.

The inspiration behind Lucy-Loo & The Gratitude Stick

When I was younger and, finding inspiration in the "Talking Stick” used by many indigenous tribes, my mom came up with the Gratitude Stick™! Social media had a huge influence on my childhood, from bullying on Facebook that led to me getting a nose job at 19, to the time I spent seeking the attention of boys. After a few toxic relationships which took a toll on my self-esteem I found myself spiraling in a combination of peer-pressure, insecurities, self-doubt, and a family history of addiction took hold of me for several years.

My mom helped me find myself again. I spent my 23rd birthday at the Edgewood Treatment Centre, which was simultaneously the worst and best experience of my life. It was here, learning the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, where I gained a new perspective on gratitude and what my mom tried to teach us so long ago with the Gratitude Stick™.

I'm blessed to have the newest addition to my family, Jack.

I now work in a field that I’m passionate about as a mental health support worker. It has taken a long time for me to rebuild my confidence, but I’ve used gratitude and self-love to get myself here.

“The Adventures of Lucy-Loo and Roo and The Magic of The Gratitude Stick” gives parents a story book and a tool (The Gratitude Stick™) to help teach our kids how to be appreciative of all of the little things around us in a fun and engaging way.

Final Thoughts

Our book and sticks are both proudly produced in Canada and made with love. We want you and your family to love this magical story and feel the benefits of gratitude throughout your home.

Here is a magical idea for you to try at home! Order the book and stick together. But don’t give the stick to your child just yet! Read the story as a bedtime read and then while they are asleep place the glow in the dark stick beside their bed. Then when they wake up and see it, they will believe the gratitude fairies brought it to them! P.S. Keep it in the sun during the day and it will glow extra bright at night!

Words of Gratitude

From Our Moms & Dads

Toni Bear

Thank you, Lucy-Loo and Roo, for the wonderful gift for our family, we love it. This helps me and my children remember to stop and think about what we are grateful for. It helps us get together and take a few mins each day to express ourselves and hear each other's thoughts.

Tania Walker

What an amazing, interesting, fun, educational book to read. Not only does it take you into an imaginative fairy place which is so captivating for children, it speaks about bullying and dealing with emotions. Moreover, it has the significant message of practicing gratitude daily, a proven fact that gratitude helps people of all ages. The book resonated so much with us as the story was perfect for my curly haired daughter:). It’s more than a book, it’s a movement and practice. We cannot be more grateful for having this keepsake book and being part of this special group. Get your copy, join the movement and it will change your life!”

Nichole Estabrooks

We are in love! Having a gratitude stick has made it easier and more fun for our two boys to implement gratitude into our home. Passing the gratitude stick around to each other and hearing what my kids love about themselves brings me so much joy and confirms that my husband and I are doing a great job raising our kids. I will definitely be purchasing the book and more gratitude sticks for my nieces and nephews.